Nature and more

There is nothing closer than nature when staying in Vceliny. Take a deep breath, open the door and explore the wilderness around. Stay calm and quite. There may be deers out on the meadow. Look closely, fishes in the river are playing with the current. 





There are three lakes and two rivers in the area. Zelivka river is onle two hundred meters from Black beehouse. You may not see any people all day long. Naked swim after storm will heal your body and soul. 

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Wander around

Wanna go out no matter what? You will find anything you need in our fundus. Rain coats and boots, baskets for mushrooms, fishing equipment. Need something? We have it! You travel light! 

Let us know if you need anything special.




We are building a sauna for you. It is gonna be awesome. Hope to announce it soon.


Bike and motorcycle rental

Don't bother bringing everything yourself. We have all you need on demand. Rent a bike and ride around the lakes and rivers. Have a beer with locals and go further. Get a motorbike and ride like a king. 

All equipment is available in Dílna Želiv (Želiv 338), for details feel free to call us.